A Boutique Holistic Rejuvenation Centre

Rejuv Lab is a unique boutique aesthetic epicentre offering a myriad of advanced aesthetic treatments such as skin and weight management, face and body contouring, hair regeneration, anti-ageing and aesthetic enhancement solutions by globally renowned aesthetic doctors and certified aesthetic practitioners.

We aim to create a breakthrough in aesthetics by giving patrons access to cutting-edge technology and advanced holistic wellness programs as we promote the balance of mind, body and spirit to counter ageing and attain eternal beauty inside out.


We pride ourselves in providing finest hospitality and experience to all patrons throughout the entire beauty and wellness journey. From curated ornaments to designer furniture, our unrivalled environment provides total relaxation as the rejuvenation oasis.

At its core, Rejuv Lab is a centre of aesthetic excellence, the first of its kind to offer all of the industry's most innovative therapies amalgamating world class techniques, latest technologies, multisensory ambience and ultimate hospitality.

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    After a series of skin rejuvenation programmes by Dr Jaminson, my face looks 20 years younger! She is the most amazing doctor on the planet.


    Nalan has years of aesthetic experience and is the only person I trust with my skin. I recently had a course of peels with Nalan and she talked me through every step and followed me up closely. My skin looks amazing!