It is an effective and budget-friendly facial treatment which allows produce satisfactory results with less treatment time and downtime.

What is Hollywood carbon peel treatment?

The Hollywood carbon peel, also known as a carbon facial peel, is an innovative laser treatment which is able to activate an aggressive skin rejuvenation process, with minimal discomfort or recovery time.

It is the popularity of the Hollywood carbon peel with many celebrities Stateside which has led to its name, and it is currently coveted as one of the most in-demand treatments for A list stars. One of the most desirable results of the Hollywood carbon peel is a refreshed appearance and uplifted complexion.

How the Hollywood carbon peel works

The Hollywood carbon peel involves the application of a layer of liquid carbon to the targeted area of the skin. In the next stage of the procedure, the laser light is guided over the targeted area, which causes the carbon to vaporise, removing dead skin cells in the process, along with oil and contaminants. It all adds up to a refreshed appearance for those who had enlarged pores, oily or dull skin, acne, or blackheads on their face. Clients can often remark on the firmer and smoother skin which they feel instantly following the Hollywood carbon peel treatment.

Who can benefit from the Hollywood carbon peel?

For most people, a Hollywood carbon peel is a quick and safe treatment, which is suitable for those who want to combat signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines and crow's feet, while also addressing hyperpigmentation, scarring or acne. You will typically have an initial consultation in which you can ask any questions you may have with regards to the treatment.

What are the advantages of the Hollywood carbon peel?

The predominant benefits of the Hollywood Carbon Peel treatment are: A cleansing function, thanks to the liquid carbon material which is able to soak up impurities from the pores, before being destroyed by the laser; rejuvenation of the skin through deep penetration and collagen production stimulation; exfoliation, removing blackheads and dead skin cells; and the destruction of oil and acne, thanks to the reduction of bacteria.