Neck, hand and décolletage rejuvenation is a treatment which targets areas of the body that can be month the first to show signs of ageing.

What is neck, hand & decolletage rejuvenation treatment?

It involves a procedure which uses hyaluronic acid skin boosters to add volume to these areas and hide protruding veins. It is a quick and easy treatment which uses fine needles, or a 'meso gun', and is recognised all over the world for its effectiveness.

How the treatment works

You can expect to attend about three appointments for neck, hand and decolletage rejuvenation, typically spaced out by two weeks each.

The hyaluronic acid skin boosters used act as a dermal reservoir of sorts, which moisturises and hydrates the skin from within. This stimulates collagen production and provides hydration to the targeted treatment area.

The procedure itself involves an injection which is administered using a fine needle. You can expect hyaluronic acid skin boosters to provide an immediate skin improvement, with results continuing to develop over a period of six weeks with the series of three treatments. You may be advised to book a maintenance appointment six months after the third treatment. You'll be able to resume everyday activities immediately after the hyaluronic acid skin booster treatment, but it can be advisable to protect your skin from direct heat exposure for a period of two to three days after the procedure.

Who can benefit from neck, hand and decolletage rejuvenation?

The ideal candidate for hyaluronic acid skin boosters is someone with mild to moderate wrinkles or fine lines and wants to achieve a smoother and brighter complexion. These skin boosters also improve hydration and skin elasticity and are suitable for all skin types.

Among the contraindications of hyaluronic acid are diabetes, various allergies and immune system diseases. Women who are pregnant or currently breastfeeding should not have the neck, hand & decolletage rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid skin boosters.

What are the benefits of neck, hand and decolletage rejuvenation?

Hyaluronic acid skin boosters are able to rejuvenate the neck, hand and decolletage in many ways, including: tighter looking skin; firmer-looking skin; smoother skin; a healthier and more radiant overall appearance; the reduction of fine lines; the reduction of wrinkles; the reduction of acne scars; and a hydration boost for the skin.