RL Bespoke Facial

What is the RL Bespoke Facial?

Rejuv Lab's Bespoke Facial is a complete facial treatment which combines both the Envy Dermalinfusion Facial and ProMax Lipo to reinvigorate the skin by improving tone, texture and hydration.

The advanced treatment, often described as an 'instant, non-invasive facelift', uses deep cleansing, exfoliating, dermalinfusion and radio-frequency skin tightening to address a wide range of skin conditions.



As a painless, hour-long procedure, the RL Bespoke Facial is able to achieve instant results, making it an ideal quick-fix solution for those looking to achieve a fresh-faced appearance before an important event.

How does the RL Bespoke Facial work?

The Rejuv Lab Bespoke Facial treatment is a combination of Envy Dermalinfusion Facial and ProMax Lipo and uses non-surgical liposuction and skin-tightening technologies to improve skin health and appearance.

The treatment causes dermal heating in facial tissues by using radio waves to tighten and lift skin. Promax Lipo is ideal for the area surrounding the eyes, the jawline and the neck, instantly tightening these areas as well as stimulating collagen for a long-term, younger, fresher appearance. Following this, a vacuum is introduced to improve circulation and remove toxins, resulting in a brighter complexion and a reduction in dark circles.

The Envy Dermalinfusion Facial uses distinctive simultaneous technology to ensure plumpness, volume, hydration, tone, and texture are optimised.

It infuses the skin with serums at the point of exfoliation, allowing it to experience maximum penetration of active ingredients at optimal skin depth. This helps to produce proven, long-lasting results.

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